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Drive productivity, performance and visibility across sales teams with HubSpot CRM, a free and user-friendly platform designed to help effectively manage customer relationships.

Discover the benefits of HubSpot’s CRM tool

Our team of experts will assist your business with your HubSpot CRM migration, allowing you to leverage the benefits of the free user-friendly platform.

Some of the perks your teams can enjoy include maintaining a centralised database across sales, automating data entry, prompts that remind you to follow up with prospects, customer segmentation, the effortless creation of sales reports, automated sales forecasting, and managing communication and engagement with your prospects in a single place.

HubSpot CRM benefits

HubSpot CRM for sales managers

Enjoy complete clarity on the performance of your sales team at the click of a button with HubSpot's customer relationship management tool. The CRM tool provides detailed reporting on sales activity, rep productivity and deal progression for a clear overview of sales targets.

With HubSpot CRM, your enterprise-level business will be able to efficiently process and analyse customer information, leverage data to extract relations for key insights and potential opportunities, fill your sales funnels, and drive loyalty campaigns.

As a pioneering HubSpot CRM agency, we help you realise the benefits.

Using HubSpot CRM for sales managers

HubSpot CRM for sales teams

HubSpot CRM contains a comprehensive suite of sales tools to drive productivity and minimise time-consuming processes to enable more sales with less effort. Sales teams can store all prospect information within one single database, making it easy for cross-team collaboration and managing information within one platform. 

As the leading CRM platform, HubSpot's unique features and integrations help to boost business growth. Cognition CRM has been a HubSpot Partner since 2012. Our team of experts has years of experience in HubSpot CRM onboarding and can help your business to leverage its benefits.

Using HubSpot CRM for sales teams

HubSpot CRM for marketers

Optimise your lead generation and email marketing efforts with complimentary features from HubSpot CRM. Now your marketing teams can organise, nurture and grow client databases while offering an individualised experience to your customers.

Marketers can also connect the CRM to official social media handles including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, making it easy to manage social media tasks, extract customer data and personalise emails while tracking all social interactions.

Using HubSpot CRM for marketers

CRM for customer service teams

HubSpot CRM provides a unique suite of simple tools to help effectively manage and communicate with customers.

Customer service teams can organise communication with even the most discerning customers while staying focused on delivering an exceptional experience that keeps them coming back for more. Keep your teams focused and enable communication tracking for documenting information, sending direct emails from your platform, and recording customer calls to drive effective decision-making and future insights.

Using HubSpot CRM for customer service teams

CRM for operations managers

The benefits of HubSpot CRM for operations managers include boosting productivity across marketing and sales teams for optimal efficacy and business growth. Enjoy the ability to utilise third-party integrations, tracking and reporting while including unlimited data, users, and up to one million contacts.

Operations managers can ensure high-level communication across sales and reps to maintain the desired brand image while interacting with prospects by tagging reps and sales managers on deals. HubSpot's CRM tool can also be leveraged to facilitate hassle-free communication with team members via the platform.

Using HubSpot CRM for operations managers

CRM for business managers

Business managers can gain complete visibility across your enterprise while quickly viewing performance metrics and sales numbers.

Further benefits of HubSpot CRM include tracking prospects and customers, automating email responses, utilising the same software as the business expands, and organising contact information. Administrative tasks like manual data entry, conversation recording and locating email threads can also be simplified within the platform. Drive productivity among reps, store prospect information centrally, help teams close deals, and nurture business relationships.

Free features for business owners include: 

  • Contact management 
  • Prospect tracking 
  • Pipeline management 
  • Ticketing
Using HubSpot CRM for business managers

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