Discover how adopting HubSpot has transformed Galebreaker’s sales and marketing.


The business

Galebreaker manufactures, distributes, and installs fabric-engineered solutions to ventilate and protect buildings and other structures from extreme weather and heat.

The business operates in three main markets; agriculture (specifically dairy, beef and pigs), industrial, (power stations and oil and gas rigs) and the commercial sector (including, among others, office blocks, data centres and storage units).

The challenge

When Galebreaker came to Cognition, their teams were using spreadsheets to keep track of their sales and marketing campaigns and their customer data. This manual process meant there was a real lack of visibility in many areas - they often couldn’t identify where leads had come from, for example, and without any way of tracking which stage a deal was at, many deals were taking far too long to close.


“Cognition’s team is absolutely thorough. They know marketing, but more importantly, they know how to onboard a client – how to understand them. They dropped into our world, and I’m surprised how quickly they understood it.”

Jeremy Scudamore - Managing Director, Galebreaker

The solution

As soon as they saw the spreadsheets Galebreaker were using, our HubSpot specialists knew that Galebreaker would benefit from the all-in-one platform. They recommended that the team move all of their manual processes onto HubSpot so they could:

  • See which deals are in the pipeline, what stage they’re at and who owns them
  • Access detailed data on which source every lead and conversion has come from
  • Determine which of their social media ads are the most successful
  • Get an at-a-glance view of their sales and marketing campaigns on a dashboard

The Galebreaker team was very impressed with HubSpot, and we were able to quickly and smoothly onboard them onto the platform. We also helped them to automate many of their manual processes with HubSpot - their sales team now receives automated reminders to chase leads after a set time has passed without any communication, for example.


The result

Galebreaker’s sales and marketing has gone from strength to strength since they started using HubSpot. Now they have detailed data on the performance of their sales and marketing campaigns, they can easily optimise their approach - they can allocate more money to the most successful social ads, for example, and tweak landing pages based on user behaviour data.

Automating their processes has also saved their sales and marketing teams a significant amount of time, so they can focus on converting prospects to customers. Automated nurture journeys enable them to stay front-of-mind for prospects until they’re ready to convert, without any input from their internal teams. 

Ultimately, HubSpot is helping Galebreaker to make sure their sales and marketing efforts are aligned and continually optimise their tactics - which ensures they have a strong and healthy sales pipeline.


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