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Our accredited HubSpot workshops and consultancy services help your business leaders and sales and marketing teams maximise growth and elevate customer experiences.

HubSpot certified training by Cognition

As a HubSpot Diamond Partner, Cognition CRM offers comprehensive HubSpot training. Our trainers boast the HubSpot Trainer Certification that enables them to teach inbound and HubSpot while being supported by HubSpot Academy.

We adopt a unique industry-leading approach, blending marketing, psychology and technology to deliver our courses and workshops to businesses seeking HubSpot training London and in the UK, Latin America, Europe, Russia and Asia. Our goal is to nurture effective digital thinking and the commercial benefits it provides.

We help you transform the way the world does business.

HubSpot Training with certified experts

HubSpot sales training

Our HubSpot training professionals deliver certified HubSpot workshops for sales leaders and teams. Maximise your potential with personalised training for everyday functions, processes and best practices that ensure a seamless experience for prospects and customers.

Kick off with a half-day session for Sales Hub users. Our experts share knowledge about features and sales automation, as well as when to use, manage and report on key metrics. Start using the productivity tools and learn how best to conduct contacts and company management within HubSpot.

HubSpot Sales Software Training

HubSpot training for marketers

Our HubSpot training for marketing teams kicks off with a half-day session dedicated to Marketing Hub. Your marketing team will know how to launch and run future HubSpot campaigns, promote communications and curate automated workflows to nurture prospects, no matter where they are in the buyer journey.

We also provide unrivalled support and guidance on creating reports and dashboards designed to analyse metrics and performance to boost their marketing efforts. We help make your team self-sufficient within the HubSpot platform by providing the most up-to-date HubSpot training.

HubSpot Marketing Training

HubSpot customer service training

Give your customer service team the tools for success with HubSpot training by our certified professionals. We train teams to deliver personalised advice quickly and efficiently using HubSpot Customer Service Software. Learn how to analyse and use customer data for building relationships, problem-solving and providing ongoing value to accounts.

Team leads and managers will learn how to streamline support using automated and self-service solutions. We teach you how to delight customers at every touchpoint. Training starts with a half-day session for Service Hub users looking to implement inbound service strategies.

HubSpot Customer Service Training

HubSpot Training for managers

Our expert HubSpot trainers will train your core management team and departmental heads on the best ways to analyse data, create insightful reports and leverage the full potential of the HubSpot platform. Our certified trainers will show them how to build dashboards and monitor business performance, making them aware of all the possibilities of HubSpot.

Training commences with a half-day session specifically designed for Management Hub users, providing a high-level view of steps that can be implemented to empower your teams.

HubSpot Training for managers

Complimentary HubSpot resources

Beyond receiving expert HubSpot training from Cognition, you'll also gain access to a host of insightful resources along with a plethora of content that is made readily available to you by HubSpot. Stay informed with blog articles, webinars and in-depth guides brimming with helpful insights on all things HubSpot.

Cognition also provides plenty of HubSpot- and marketing-related content that is available to you. Simply visit our blog and guides section to start using our in-house resources that further elevate your HubSpot training with us.

HubSpot Resources

HubSpot courses and certifications

Learn within the comfort of your own HubSpot portal and take your professional skills to the next level with free online training from HubSpot Academy. Gain access to anything from quick and practical courses to turnkey certifications as you learn everything about the business skills you need to master.

With hundreds of key topics and unlimited access available, more than 200,000 professionals have already grown their skill set using the international HubSpot Academy platform for HubSpot software training.

HubSpot training courses and certifications

Upskill your teams and master the HubSpot platform. Reach out to arrange a consultation with us.