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Let our accredited HubSpot experts audit your portal and feedback not only how to improve performance across the hubs, but how to get some quick wins along the journey.

Is HubSpot allowing you to out-perform your competitors?

Cognition CRM is one of the UK’s longest-standing HubSpot Partner Agencies. Being early adopters of the platform since 2012 gives us a greater understanding of how HubSpot can transform your business if configured, set up, and  implemented well.


Key areas of focus

  • Some of the aspects we will look at include:
    • Landing page design, messaging, and content
    • Call-to-action, lead capture and tracking processes
    • Sales reporting and analytics
    • Sales and marketing alignment and communication processes
    • HubSpot account setup and configuration
    • Integration with other tools and systems

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Top 5 outcomes you can expect from a HubSpot portal audit

  1. Increased website traffic: A thorough audit of your HubSpot portal can help identify areas where your website is underperforming, such as broken links or missing meta tags. By fixing these issues, you can see an increase in website traffic.

  2. Improved conversion rates: An audit can also reveal areas where your website's conversion rate is low, such as poorly-designed landing pages or confusing navigation. By making improvements in these areas, you can see an increase in conversion rates.

  3. Better lead generation: By identifying and fixing issues with your lead generation forms and processes, an audit can help you generate more qualified leads.

  4. Enhanced marketing automation: A thorough audit can reveal areas where your marketing automation efforts could be improved, such as automating repetitive tasks or using triggers to send personalised messages.

  5. Greater ROI: By addressing the issues identified through an audit, you can see a greater return on investment from your HubSpot portal, including increased website traffic, improved conversion rates, and better lead generation.