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Support, retain and grow your customer base with HubSpot Service Hub, your solution to delivering personalised responses to questions and challenges.

Why HubSpot Service Hub?

Focus more time on helping your customers achieve their goals while reducing your administrative tasks with the user-friendly HubSpot Service Hub. Now teams can be fully equipped with the right tools that aid customer retention while growing your client base.

Our HubSpot onboarding experts help you connect your customer service data and channels on a single CRM platform to ensure improved customer service management and customers who are delighted during every stage of their journey.

HubSpot Service Hub Services

The benefits of Service Hub

Service Hub unveils a variety of benefits to help you hit that sweet spot with your business. Drive productivity among teams with automated workflows for the management of tickets and boost customer engagement using the conversion feature which can also be used to deliver expert customer support.

The platform is also equipped with a customer feedback tool that allows you to create surveys and gather insights for improved customer service delivery, plus data tools for reporting and analysis purposes.

HubSpot Service Hub benefits

Scale your support team

Exceptional customer service experiences are made possible with HubSpot Service Hub. Your support team can save time spent on data entry and help customers help themselves in real time. Service Hub allows you to convert frequently asked questions into a searchable knowledge base of articles, how-to guides, videos and documents.

Data gathered from conversion using various channels helps to provide proactive customer support and indicates where to implement best practices. HubSpot Service Hub also contains a ticketing system that allows you to track, collaborate, order and deliver on customer demands.

HubSpot Service Hub for support teams

Bring teams together through collaboration

Collaborative and organisational tools like Conversations inbox, HubSpot CRM and team management allow you to unleash the full power of your business. Teams can work together while automatically tracking customer details and interactions to provide useful context that drives customer success.

Capture qualitative and quantitative feedback to map out a plan that ensures efficient customer surveying, use the conversion feature to aid multi-channel communication (which is often very difficult to track and manage), solve customer issues, and capture data that helps build robust marketing strategies with HubSpot Service Hub.

HubSpot Service Hub for collaboration

Optimise your customer service

The quality of customer service your teams deliver can make or break the success of your enterprise. With HubSpot Service Hub, you can create a positive and data-driven customer service experience that builds confidence and brand loyalty.

Store and personalise data to provide complete support to your customers while keeping track of all feedback. With the help of our HubSpot Service Hub onboarding team, you can access actionable data that enhances customer service, highlight top service requests based on data-backed reports, and measure team performance.

HubSpot Service Hub for customer service

HubSpot Service Hub vs. competitors

Our HubSpot onboarding team helps you to realise the full benefits of the platform. Service Hub comes fully kitted with HubSpot’s CRM functionality while seamlessly integrating with Marketing Hub, Sales Hub and CMS Hub. This way, your entire front office team will be able to leverage a full overview of the customers they work with.

With so many tools that simplify and streamline your processes, HubSpot Service Hub makes it easy to gather data and analyse your customers’ needs. Enjoy powerful insights that deliver impact throughout your enterprise.

HubSpot Service Hub vs competitors

Supercharge your systems and focus on your customers with Service Hub. Get in touch today.