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HubSpot's Marketing Hub gives you the tools to publish blogs, track ads, manage social media channels, set up automated responses and chatbots, and more.

The benefits of HubSpot Marketing Hub for business

The power is in your hands. Leverage a streamlined marketing platform that allows you to combine various marketing streams into a single hub. Reach your desired audience, simplify key messaging, and save time on sales activities with useful integrations.

HubSpot Marketing Hub enterprise gives you the tools to engage with website visitors and convert prospects into customers as you create, run and enhance comprehensive inbound marketing campaigns designed for growth.

Simplify and streamline your marketing efforts with Marketing Hub.

HubSpot Marketing Hub benefits

Key features

Make life easier for your marketing team with user-friendly features so they can spend time focusing on connecting and engaging with customers.

Enjoy exceptional features like blogging, a landing page builder, social media publishing and advertising, email automation and live chat capabilities. Plus, tracking and analytics tools ensure your marketers are also aligned with insights. Enjoy the power to create and deliver engaging content, deploy targeted ads and design intricate customer journeys while collaborating with sales teams.

Features of HubSpot Marketing Hub

Attract new customers

Create dynamic and automated marketing campaigns across a plethora of channels and measure the effectiveness of your marketing strategies. Your marketing team can publish valuable and engaging content, increase your search authority and outrank competitors with innovative tools designed to enhance your content strategy plan, and optimise content while editing.

Capture your audience with smart content that aligns with sales and marketing goals with the user-friendly HubSpot Marketing Hub enterprise that can be easily integrated with other platforms.

Attract new customers with HubSpot Marketing Hub

Convert browsers into buyers

Your enterprise-level business doesn’t need the expertise of a developer to design and deploy captivating landing pages. HubSpot Marketing Hub comes with handy features for doing just that. The user-friendly platform also enables the ability to quickly and easily build forms with its simple drag-and-drop editing functionality.

Simplify your efforts with workflows while creating and nurturing leads that encourage business growth and effectiveness across your marketing strategies. Marketing Hub also enables email marketing automation, the tracking of marketing campaign performance, and the creation of professionally designed mobile-optimised email campaigns.

HubSpot Marketing Hub Enterprise for buyers

Measure, report and customise

Transform your marketing data into strategies designed to elevate growth. Bring your marketing team together to make smarter, data-based decisions using powerful custom reporting and built-in analytics while linking your work to deals closed and contacts you've created using attribution reporting.

Leverage the flexibility to store and personalise data about your customers into reports and build dashboards that deliver key insights to your team.

Streamline your marketing tools and data and have it all under one roof.

Using HubSpot Marketing Hub to measure and report

Align sales and marketing teams

It’s never been easier to streamline sales and marketing via a single platform aimed at business growth. Effortlessly integrate HubSpot Sales Hub, Marketing Hub and CMS Hub to unlock the multitude of benefits.

You’ll be able to automatically connect various data channels when integrating at least two Hubs, enabling a much more powerful view of the overall sales journey.

Align sales and marketing teams with HubSpot Marketing Hub

Third-party integrations

HubSpot’s App Marketplace is where you can gain access to more than 650 custom integrations. This add-on benefit makes connecting HubSpot to your most critical business tools and functions a breeze.

Third-party integrations allow you to compare and test various tools, discover the most installed applications, and seamlessly sift through the Marketplace based on your business’ individualised needs.

Drive efficiency with third-party integrations designs for business success.

HubSpot Marketing Hub integrations services

HubSpot vs competitors

Marketing Hub has been built as a crucial part of the HubSpot ecosystem and is designed to help medium- to large-scale businesses like yours grow in the most desirable way.

Highly effective, easy to navigate and exceptionally powerful, its features place it above other competitors who have tacked on features that are not always as streamlined and simple to use, and don’t deliver the desired results.

HubSpot Marketing Hub vs competitors

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