Environmental Sustainability Commitment 



At Cognition CRM, we are dedicated to evaluating and enhancing our sustainability practices across all aspects of our business. We believe that every decision, from internal operations to external partnerships, should prioritise environmental consciousness. To achieve this, we regularly review and assess our business practices to identify areas where we can minimise our environmental footprint and make positive contributions to the planet. Including:


Climate Change Commitment:
Our purpose is deeply rooted in our commitment to combat climate change and minimise our environmental footprint. We recognise the urgent need for sustainable practices in all aspects of our business operations and are dedicated to taking proactive measures to address climate-related challenges.


Proud to be a HubSpot Partner:
Sustainable HubSpot Partner: They are recognised on Barron’s list of 100 Most Sustainable Companies in 2023. This connection reflects our ongoing efforts to integrate sustainability into our business strategy and operations, driving positive environmental impact while delivering exceptional value to our clients.


Hybrid Footprint | Working and Business Travel: 

We embrace a hybrid working model that prioritises flexibility and reduces unnecessary business travel. By leveraging technology and optimising our work processes, we minimise our carbon footprint while maximising productivity and collaboration among our team members.


Remote Working Pledges:
Our remote working pledges reflect our commitment to empowering our employees to work sustainably and efficiently from any location. Through remote working initiatives and flexible scheduling, we promote work-life balance while reducing the environmental impact associated with commuting and office-based operations.


Maximising Connection, Minimising Carbon Footprint:
At Cognition CRM, we are dedicated to maximising connection with our clients and stakeholders while minimising our carbon footprint. Through virtual communication tools, digital collaboration platforms, and sustainable business practices, we strive to foster meaningful connections and drive positive change in a rapidly changing world.



We are committed to ongoing improvement in our sustainability efforts. By fostering a culture of innovation and open dialogue within our team, we encourage exploration of new ideas and approaches to sustainability. Setting meaningful objectives and targets inspires action and provides a roadmap for our sustainability initiatives. We are currently establishing specific outcomes and objectives that align with our sustainability goals, including reducing waste, conserving resources, and supporting environmental causes. Future initiatives include:


Mindful Travel Practices:
We are reevaluating our approach to business travel, considering the purpose, frequency, and necessity of travel. By adopting mindful travel practices, we aim to minimise our environmental impact and prioritise sustainable transportation options whenever possible.


Reduced Carbon Emissions:
Our commitment to reducing carbon emissions extends beyond the office walls. Through initiatives such as carbon offsetting and alternative transportation methods, we are actively working to lower our carbon footprint and contribute to a healthier planet.


Sustainable Procurement:
We are reassessing our procurement processes to prioritise sustainability and environmental stewardship. By partnering with eco-conscious suppliers and prioritising recycled and eco-friendly materials, we aim to minimise waste and promote sustainable consumption practices.


Energy Efficiency:
We are dedicated to maximising energy efficiency across all facets of our operations. Through strategic investments in energy-efficient technologies and practices, we aim to significantly reduce our overall environmental footprint. This includes measures to reduce energy consumption in our shared office environment and communal meeting areas, such as setting designated office days to maximise space utilisation and minimise energy usage on non-essential days. By prioritising energy efficiency, we not only reduce our environmental impact but also contribute to cost savings and sustainable business practices.


Waste Reduction Strategies:
We are implementing waste reduction strategies to minimise our environmental footprint and promote circular economy principles. By reducing, reusing, and recycling materials wherever possible, we aim to minimise landfill waste and conserve valuable resources for future generations.


Employee Engagement:
We are dedicated to fostering a culture of sustainability and environmental responsibility among our employees, both in the workplace and at home. Through education and training programs, we strive to empower our team members to adopt eco-friendly practices in their daily routines, including optimising lighting and heating systems in their home offices. By engaging our workforce in sustainability initiatives, we strive to create a collective impact that extends beyond the boundaries of our organisation.

Giving Back: 

At Cognition CRM, we are deeply committed to making a meaningful difference in our community and beyond by supporting sustainability initiatives and sharing our expertise. Here's how we're giving back:


Free Basic HubSpot Onboarding:
We offer complimentary basic HubSpot onboarding or discounted advanced onboarding for charities and non-profits dedicated to environmental sustainability. By providing access to powerful marketing tools, we intend to empower these organisations to amplify their impact and reach their goals more effectively.


Environmental Projects and Partnerships:
Starting in 2024, we will actively engage in environmental projects and partnerships to directly contribute to positive change. The team will decide collectively on our next 5-year plan - From reforestation efforts to wildlife conservation initiatives, we are dedicated to investing our time and resources where they can make the most significant impact.


Knowledge Sharing:
Through educational initiatives and resource sharing, we strive to empower individuals and organisations to adopt sustainable practices. From hosting workshops to publishing informative content, we aim to spread awareness and inspire action towards a greener future.


By practising good governance and actively supporting sustainability initiatives, we are committed to making a lasting difference and leaving a positive legacy for generations to come.

Cognition CRM
April 2024