Jaguar Land Rover


Discover how we used HubSpot to help JLR’s Experience Centres increase their advertising ROI by over 400%.


The business

Jaguar Land Rover Experience (JLRE) is the experience day and corporate event arm of the Jaguar Land Rover Group.

The venues offer off-road driving experiences, team-building days, corporate hospitality events, factory tours, and state-of-the-art conferencing facilities for businesses.

The challenge

JLRE was striving to raise awareness of their experiences and increase the number of leads brought in through their website. They had been running advertising campaigns, but most ads were placed in print media, with each experience centre running separate, ad-hoc campaigns. 

These campaigns weren’t delivering, but without the ability to measure the effectiveness of the majority of their ad spend, JLRE struggled to identify which ads were bringing in leads and which weren’t. They were therefore looking to increase their online advertising and find a solution that enabled them to track and optimise their campaigns.


“I just wanted to say thank you for the very professional and effective marketing support that Cognition is providing to the teams. It seems to be really kicking in now and helping to drive the growth in the business.”

Matt Passey - Marketing Manager, JLR

The solution

We devised a plan that incorporated HubSpot, marketing and psychology to help JLRE to secure the leads they were looking for online.

The first step involved onboarding JLRE’s five experience centres onto HubSpot, as the platform can provide them with in-depth insight into any online campaigns they run. Once HubSpot was up and running, we trained each of their teams in how to use the many marketing tools HubSpot provides, to ensure that they knew how to get the most out of the platform.

Our marketing strategists and psychologists developed an integrated advertising campaign for all JLRE sites, including paid social, Adwords, and retargeting. We integrated all of these ads into HubSpot to enable JLRE to track and measure their success, and also created email workflows and landing pages within HubSpot to gain even greater insight into how prospects were interacting with their marketing.


The result

With HubSpot on board, JLRE was able to: 

  • Identify which ads were performing well - and which weren’t
  • Optimise their campaigns based on this insight
  • Automate email nurture journeys to stay front-of-mind for their prospects
  • Secure the results they were looking for - their Christmas campaign achieved a 448.7% increase in ROI on the previous year,  and they saw an average increase in web visitors of 90%

They were delighted with these results - here’s what JLRE’s General Manager, David Saunders, said:  “On the basis of effectiveness and good measurement now in place we can start to have some creative fun.”


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